Jordan Klepper Sees It All at The Capitol Insurrection | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Pitchforks, Proud Boys, and a one-man “Tyranny Response Team.” Jordan Klepper saw it all at the Capitol insurrection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Capitol
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  1. Thats Me

    Thats MeTimme sedan

    No ones faces should be blurred out for any reason

  2. thepottmi

    thepottmiTimme sedan

    Why are some faces blurred. Did they explicitly say the could not be taped, or did the other people sign a consent?

  3. Andy Parrish

    Andy ParrishTimme sedan

    I hope all these guys are arrested and sent to prison. I hope trump goes to prison. He NEEDS to go to prison. Maybe while hes there he will have time to write "Mein Kampf."

  4. Fawna Bullis

    Fawna BullisTimme sedan


  5. J T

    J TTimme sedan

    What a bunch of ass holes. Thank you for sharing

  6. The Golden Life

    The Golden LifeTimme sedan

    The “cabelas street team” took me out 😂😂😭😭🤣🤣

  7. Eli K. Webber

    Eli K. WebberTimme sedan

    Sad part is when more of this happens and the people causing the riots ect. get killed or hurt ,they will cry like babies and blame everyone else for their crimes and stupidity.

  8. TheSolefull

    TheSolefullTimme sedan

    All of them are white.

  9. jaden mitchell

    jaden mitchellTimme sedan

    The breezy chill unintentionally juggle because beef extragingivally excuse lest a redundant existence. depressed, ill-informed cord

  10. G W

    G WTimme sedan

    Take care bro They may get you

  11. BRRY Fz

    BRRY FzTimme sedan

    Great example of crying victim when he he victimized and harm the camera men that’s exactly who they are

  12. Jack Mehoff

    Jack MehoffTimme sedan

    Jordan is always on his knees🤣😂 oh and the death toll for Covid is not nearly as much as the msm says. I work for health and human services and the blatant lies you people believe?🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Sir Almonds

    Sir AlmondsTimme sedan

    this man is risking his life for us bro give em a raise

  14. ctcole77

    ctcole77Timme sedan


  15. Sachin Thakuri

    Sachin ThakuriTimme sedan

    Ron Swanson voice in 0:41

  16. Patryc

    PatrycTimme sedan

    fucking segway guy

  17. Palette Tools

    Palette ToolsTimme sedan

    This is Road Rage politics. Everybody is full of shit. People are indulging in " being right". Their identities are wrapped up in narratives in their heads and they are unaware that the narrative is made up merely of thoughts. The news outlets do it, on the left, on the right, for hours and hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hyperbolic and repetitive, the way every bullshit narrative is that goes around in one's head. It feels real, the keyboard, the screens, the cable news, make it feel more real, but it is our inability to stop thinking, our inability to separate thought from a the natural contentment that exists independent of thought.

  18. C Bo

    C BoTimme sedan

    I heard a dude died after being tazed in the ball bag.

  19. OneOneNineFilms

    OneOneNineFilmsTimme sedan

    This was dumb in many ways

  20. TX Rick

    TX RickTimme sedan

    The FBI is rounding them up as we speak .

  21. Isayuh Lakers Man

    Isayuh Lakers ManTimme sedan

    They should just name this series: Trump Supporters Do the Darnest Things

  22. Ted C

    Ted C2 timmar sedan

    It's 2021 and we can't deinterlace footage?

  23. Iftikhar Thaha

    Iftikhar Thaha2 timmar sedan

    very sad what happened here

  24. Just Joods

    Just Joods2 timmar sedan

    "Ive educated myself about this". +. "I havent read it" LOL. so.. you didn't educate yourself about anything

  25. Angel Damask

    Angel Damask2 timmar sedan

    Somehow, I don;t think these people have learned you NEVER declare war on someone who can out-gun you!

  26. DonutHolesAreFire

    DonutHolesAreFire2 timmar sedan

    this shit is funny af. these people are delusional.

  27. Adam Craggs

    Adam Craggs2 timmar sedan

    Its a good thing these traitors don't get sarcasm or they might have got violent.

  28. Hallie Zhao

    Hallie Zhao2 timmar sedan

    The robust windscreen concordantly share because popcorn advisably whirl per a cuddly teaching. woozy, straight harp

  29. ike eki

    ike eki2 timmar sedan

    thank you for interviewing these extremists. especially the guy who has not read the constitution. these ignorant and deluded fascists could not have gotten into the Capitol on their own. always remember how many cops were collaborating with the seditionists, even with the blatantly violent rhetoric used.

  30. gods backhand

    gods backhand2 timmar sedan

    Trumps gone. Nothings going to change that.

  31. Angela Ester Bulnes Nolasco

    Angela Ester Bulnes Nolasco2 timmar sedan

    Im.proud of those patriots

  32. Alex Lennox

    Alex Lennox2 timmar sedan

    Wasnt the darkest day you silly twat

  33. Stoodmuffin Personal

    Stoodmuffin Personal2 timmar sedan

    Did you guys actually send him to that rally? Did he actually end up at the capitol? Omg I feel bad for him, lol. Bet he wasn't epecting that. Also, those confederate assholes can rot in hell

  34. Louis Jeffs

    Louis Jeffs2 timmar sedan

    If there is a silver lining in any of this, it's that Trump needs to defend himself in the Senate from the very things that his most zealous supporters are accusing him of to save themselves from justice.

  35. Monze Galindo

    Monze Galindo2 timmar sedan

    Yes all this means Trump won , never saw biden supporters not even in rally’s , but a lot of riots burning police stations, literally burning buildings destroying our country bringing down status, all from the liberal Democrats they even paid we will not forget . Evil evil people the Democrats and that’s what runs our country


    GREG MARTIN2 timmar sedan

    The Trump morons haven't a clue Jordan is mocking them

  37. Ray

    Ray2 timmar sedan

    I like your videos, it shows how stupid trump supports are lol.

  38. Brad Switzer

    Brad Switzer2 timmar sedan

    You cut and edit in worst manner. This is disgusting trash


    SAPATOS UNBOX2 timmar sedan

    I think this channel is one of the bighest lie I am so excited to see people like you put in jail :)

  40. Bedazzle Juju

    Bedazzle Juju2 timmar sedan

    Bunch of folks with other issues...

  41. Maddy Villa

    Maddy Villa2 timmar sedan

    as did my dry january... i felt that

  42. a adezo

    a adezo2 timmar sedan

    Excuse me,Where is the sedition ?

  43. Robby Bobby Robby

    Robby Bobby Robby2 timmar sedan


  44. Snider Hendrickson

    Snider Hendrickson2 timmar sedan

    You are pathetic! You are twisting the truth! More than 200 of those people were Antifa. They were getting paid and had their orders to start the chaos and damage the capitol.

  45. Robby Bobby Robby

    Robby Bobby Robby2 timmar sedan

    You’re not very clever!

  46. Damian Payton

    Damian Payton2 timmar sedan

    1:00 guy talks soooo fast lol

  47. KRAZe4KiCKS

    KRAZe4KiCKS2 timmar sedan

    That’s brave to go into that crowd. He’s literally risking his life, for our enjoyment

  48. Andrew Cutler

    Andrew Cutler2 timmar sedan

    This guy is as brave as any “official” journalist in the field. He easily could’ve been killed by these MAGA traitors.

  49. Steve Withers

    Steve Withers3 timmar sedan

    @FBI - These people are dangerous..... The Trumps, Giuliani, etc.... Plus all these morons.

  50. Leo EP

    Leo EP3 timmar sedan

    Wow man ! Wearing a cloth mask in a Trump crowd in the middle of covid is like wearing a target in the middle of a mass shooting

  51. Samantha Drennan

    Samantha Drennan3 timmar sedan

    Jordan is a fearless boss, damn!

  52. García Glz

    García Glz3 timmar sedan

    Now we want one with Antifa and BLM protesters

  53. sandy demotte

    sandy demotte3 timmar sedan

  54. J R

    J R3 timmar sedan

    I hope these people realize that they were only used by Trump

  55. thalian

    thalian3 timmar sedan

    It's amazing, they really have no idea how our government works. All they know is something is f*cked up, they don't know what and are either too lazy or too dumb to find out for themselves. Then Trump comes along and says he has all the answers and since most are BOTH lazy and dumb, they follow him like a cult leader. SAD!

  56. Dolly Martin

    Dolly Martin3 timmar sedan

    You are entitled to your opinion, but this “reporting” is extremely skewed. I watched the live streaming of the protest on January 6. I spent hours watching the live feed. They presented a very different view of the protests than what this reporter portrayed. Be careful sewing the seeds of hate and contempt, Mr. Klepper. They might make for more SEtoos views, but they do not serve America at all.

  57. kerfuffle

    kerfuffle3 timmar sedan

    Jeezass they’re stupid

  58. Noah Griff

    Noah Griff3 timmar sedan

    January 20th more rioting on the capitol see you there

  59. AJB

    AJB3 timmar sedan

    DTOMTD “draw them out, mow them down”

  60. Harsh Truth

    Harsh Truth3 timmar sedan

    Can we all agree that this event should officially and forever more be referred to as the “Sh!t Stain Rebellion” please? I want that in the history books for all eternity as it seems like the most appropriate title.

  61. proverbs -

    proverbs -3 timmar sedan

    media playing both sides against each other. Shame the dummies wont get it and wake up to the fact it is two wings to the same eagle. The left wing and the right wing.

  62. Katterina Qualls

    Katterina Qualls3 timmar sedan

    "Are you farming today???" JORDAN KLEPPER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

  63. Anneliese Long

    Anneliese Long3 timmar sedan

    The guy at 3:04 LOL Jordan: Why the pitchfork? Pitchfork: It's historic Jordan: Looks like a weapon Pitchfork: No. It's not! Its farm equipment.

  64. Lt. Mav

    Lt. Mav3 timmar sedan

    Show all the faces

  65. RogueTRex

    RogueTRex3 timmar sedan

    I can't believe he went that deep into a dangerous and escalating situation, especially having to carry those monstrous balls around.

  66. sandy demotte

    sandy demotte3 timmar sedan

  67. Salete 2077

    Salete 20773 timmar sedan

    Damn a bunch of sore losers

  68. Erich Von Molder

    Erich Von Molder3 timmar sedan

    He did a great job in a very scary situation. He should win an award for best comedy segment.

  69. Oktay Gonen

    Oktay Gonen3 timmar sedan

    liked it until the e

  70. Joe

    Joe3 timmar sedan

    Well congrats on calling it correctly

  71. Bee

    Bee3 timmar sedan

    These people seem a little...delayed.

  72. Robby Bobby Robby

    Robby Bobby Robby2 timmar sedan

    You mean deluded!

  73. Logan McLean

    Logan McLean3 timmar sedan

    One of the darkest days in American history... Hahaha, really?... The fact that you could literally walk around there cracking jokes tells me that it wasn't that dark LOL

  74. Miles K

    Miles K3 timmar sedan

    Jordon is officially the world BRAVEST person

  75. Miles K

    Miles K3 timmar sedan

    I don’t know how much Jordan gets payed, but it’s not enough

  76. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill3 timmar sedan

    Who is that reporter? If he has a SEtoos account, I want to subscribe immediately.

  77. inveele

    inveele3 timmar sedan

    Jordan is amazing at what he does.

  78. melted cheetah

    melted cheetah3 timmar sedan

    Klepper needs not only hazard pay but dealing-with-morons pay.

  79. Miles K

    Miles K3 timmar sedan

    True patriots would NEVER attack the birthplace of American Democracy in this horrible way smh 🤦‍♂️

  80. Inappropriate Fabricators

    Inappropriate Fabricators3 timmar sedan

    Welcome to Idiot America.

  81. Will Garmer

    Will Garmer4 timmar sedan

    With the amount of violent rage in that crowd, anyone who wasn't one of them was in grave danger that day. Some media people were assaulted. I'm truly surprised that no one was shot by the rioters, and that no IEDs were detonated. These people are genuinely insane. Mentally ill. Crazy loo-loo.

  82. G eire

    G eire4 timmar sedan

    The devil holds a pitchfork 👿

  83. Jordan Robinson

    Jordan Robinson4 timmar sedan beyond embarrassing

  84. Ingrid Swen

    Ingrid Swen4 timmar sedan

    Such leftist one sided reporting. Good bye.

  85. Ryan B

    Ryan B4 timmar sedan

    Klepper really does put himself in some shady situations sometimes

  86. jaz_113

    jaz_1134 timmar sedan

    Be careful Trump’re hypocrisy is showing🙄

  87. Christopher The Explorer

    Christopher The Explorer4 timmar sedan

    The Mandalorian used a pitch fork as a weapon and he is a good guy.

  88. fan and band

    fan and band4 timmar sedan

    Exactly . I was just watching a police officer on the ground and no one did anything. Imagine if they we’re any other ethnic group.

  89. Vernon Herbert

    Vernon Herbert4 timmar sedan

    This is such misinformation... I understand why America is so divided.. the way they cut up those clips to show ppl talking like they want violence but when you here thier whole speech they keep saying peaceful and non violent... I hate when fox do this I hate when the left do this it has to stop

  90. Sandy Rivera

    Sandy Rivera4 timmar sedan

    The obese comparison initially happen because metal algorithmically attempt an a tawdry law. unkempt, miniature gondola

  91. J D

    J D4 timmar sedan

    So...after Biden is sworn in, can he legally pardon his son?

  92. sandy demotte

    sandy demotte2 timmar sedan

    J D

  93. tornado tom2

    tornado tom24 timmar sedan


  94. Francisco Avila

    Francisco Avila4 timmar sedan

    Why do all Republicans belive they are victims of something?

  95. AJ Red

    AJ Red4 timmar sedan

    why are some of the faces blurred in the clip? Are those cowards afraid to show their faces? I hope you gave the unblurred footage to the authorities

  96. RoundemUpRachel

    RoundemUpRachel4 timmar sedan

    I wish I had the calmness of Jordan standing in the middle of an insurrection. Its impressive!

  97. Nate Wap

    Nate Wap4 timmar sedan

    I'm really hoping Jordan asked the two blonde J.A's if they knew Hugo Chavez has been dead since 2013!? Lol how freaking devoid of facts, evidence & reality do you have to be to act like this!?

  98. Melanie Medina

    Melanie Medina4 timmar sedan

    What a bunch of losers

  99. Nolan Walker

    Nolan Walker4 timmar sedan

    attacked your democracy? Abraham lincoln said it is our job to overthrow men who pervert the constitution. Taking away our right to vote is a violation of the fifteenth amendment.

  100. Chad

    Chad4 timmar sedan

    Throwing themselves on the ground to perpetuate victimhood that sums it up perfectly

  101. D Parra

    D Parra4 timmar sedan

    3:21 her face says it all lol 😂😂😂

  102. W W

    W W4 timmar sedan

    Shame on those idiots who still think trump is chosen by god.

  103. Lei._.

    Lei._.4 timmar sedan

    Ok i am late to this and i don’t understand what’s going on-

  104. Anthony Müller

    Anthony Müller4 timmar sedan

    Nice use of using clips out of order... bias much

  105. Anthony Müller

    Anthony Müller4 timmar sedan

    Yep, mock them Klepper... they are just angry about being told they are less than.