Donald Trump - America's African President | The Daily Show

Donald Trump may not seem like commander-in-chief material to Americans, but in certain African countries, he fits the bill. #DailyShow #DonaldTrump #Throwback
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  1. Yannick Pokam

    Yannick Pokam30 minuter sedan

    Stop calling Ms president Trump in your fucking show 😡!!

  2. Midway Inn

    Midway Inn3 timmar sedan

    Sorry Trevor south Africa might not be the best example but continue to mock Trump you have free speech to do so.

  3. S Anderson

    S Anderson3 timmar sedan

    you don't sht about the guy who says he can cure AIDS, just because you are the slave of big pharma advertising dollars

  4. Mikael Nilsson

    Mikael Nilsson5 timmar sedan

    Your "Orange Man Bad" Jokes wasent funny at the beginning & they gotten 10 times worse now -_- !

  5. Nicolas de la Forge

    Nicolas de la Forge6 timmar sedan

    I was writing to P. Elect J Biden and V.P. Elect Kamala Harris to congratulate them on their victory, when the storming of the Capitol occurred. I want to share some urgent information related to that event, specifically the infiltration and activities of supremacists- far right 'patriots', 'party government' types - Trump types - which goes much, much further than anyone suspects. I fear for my life, but the stakes are very high. I'm currently following e-mails of Trump supporters calling for a coup, with the goal of installing a military government that would then appoint Trump as President for life. The 'populist' General McInnerney is mentioned as a source of inspiration and leadership. But I want to turn to a more dire situation yet. This concerns the Psy-Ops Operations Group Officer Emily Rainey, who was involved in the Capitol events.Let me provide two brief description of what has been happening unnoticed, unreported in the U.S., since Trump took Office, and I will connect Rainey's role in the military.... In late 2016, the very week that Trump had won his Election, what looked like a small plane - but turned out deceptively to be a remote control Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, flying just a few feet above me, and coming to almost a standstill in the air, released a pesticide right on top of me (I knew this by the odor that enveloped me like a cloud). This happened a second time a few weeks later. I reported the attacks to journalists and various Officials - none could comprehend the urgency of my communication.But in September 2019, a team of researchers at McGill, found that neurotoxins contained in pesticides impeded the enzyme Cholinesterase required for the functioning of the nervous system. The traumas that the researchers were investigating were the Diplomats of the so-called 'Havana Syndrome' and their traumas matched mine (traumas are distinct from 'symptoms' in that they are the result of an external cause). At that time Havana was under heavy pesticide treatment and thus both the U.S. and Canadian Diplomats were exposed to the neurotoxins and experienced damage to the nervous system. The same circumstances prevailed in China some time later. In my case, however, the pesticides were delivered deliberately to maim me. And they did. (An alternative version is that the Havana Syndrome was caused by EMF/ Radio Frequencies and we know that Trump wanted a similar weapon, the 'Heat Ray', to be used on migrants at the border. The traumas sustained in being targeted with the Heat Ray or a similar weapon would overlap with the traumas associated with pesticide poisoning: the destruction of the nervous system. I am keeping this brief so I won't comment on this at this moment. I want to get some vital information to you regarding the situation of peril that America is facing). .....On the morning of September 20, 2020, I accessed the Facebook of a guest that appeared on the news program 'Democracy Now', Christian Picciolini. The moment I accessed his Facebook page, to look up his comments on the 'Proud Boys', I had unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft with extremely loud engine noise, grazing the roof of my Condo. This went on for hours - and this was related to the practice of torture used in Abu Ghraib: to create massive stress and break down the target's nervous system, to finally drive him to insanity or suicide. This sort of torture (over my own home) began in 2016 and has been relentless, for over 1,400 days - the entire run of Trump's Presidency! The cumulative effects of the stress have been devastating to my health and life. They have driven me to near suicide. I have, to date, fled my home on two occasions and relocated, due to this terrorism, losing my wife, my friends, my social and economic life - my health.After the Unmanned aerial vehicle and aircraft attacks, I drove to the John Wayne Marina near town where three Law Enforcement vehicles were stalking me. (White SUV with large green lettering - possibly Sheriffs). A plane or an unmanned aerial vehicle overhead was stalking me. It felt as if a lynching was about to take place. (Please note that the Sheriffs' stalking was coordinated with the unmanned aerial vehicle attacks, at some central command post.)After some time spent reading at the Marina, driving back home I noticed a blue unmarked SUV parked near one of the three Law Enforcement vehicles and the two were discussing something. Soon after I passed them, the blue SUV accelerated behind me and drove on my bumper, within inches, and slightly to the side so that I could see him, for half a mile before I turned off the highway to escape him. He was trying to run me off the road or create a collision with the opposing traffic. It is clear that the blue SUV was connected to the Law Enforcement vehicles.Now let's set my problems aside. The question regards the peril America is facing. The question is: who is in charge and delivering the torture and the attacks - whether pesticides or 'Heat Ray'. Now here's what's occurring. A highly placed lady in our community Karen Sullivan (Olympic Peninsula, State of Washington), who has endured terrorist activities from military helicopters who attacked her home, told me that the pilots of the helicopters were retired Navy pilots. Let us accept that these are indeed, retired Navy pilots. But who coordinates their attacks, who monitors and tracks the target, who operates the unmanned aerial vehicles? Is it treasonous actors like Emily Rainey? Who allows the helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles to be operated and land on military bases or law enforcement areas? Actors like Rainey. This answer would not be fully satisfactory. Isolated actors would not be able to orchestrate and sustain the attacks I've described above. It has to be more. Let us grasp this: the surveillance state, the security state, law enforcement, the military can operate both in their legitimate role assigned by the Constitution and Legislators and also in their supremacist, far- right 'party government' way. Such is their nature. How can 140 Senators and Congressmen support the lie of a 'stolen election'? It's not normal. But it is normal if you're a supremacist, far- right, 'party government' 'patriot'. It would be in your nature, as it is in Trump's nature. They want themselves. Our Democracy is hanging by a thread, even if J Biden and K Harris manage to take Office. We must end surveillance and shred the Patriot Act. They are dangerous to Democracy. They eat away at freedom. We need to monitor the military in ways more stringent than ever before.

  6. Jason Scott

    Jason Scott8 timmar sedan

    At his rallies, he has his followers swear allegiance to Donald J. Trump.

  7. Thexpgamer1795

    Thexpgamer179536 minuter sedan

    It’s funny, people do that for dictators, Kings, and the pope.

  8. bldsprt518

    bldsprt5188 timmar sedan

    Nice $30million house really speak for the common man

  9. Mbaku Nkasa

    Mbaku Nkasa9 timmar sedan

    Trump is not a dictator .He is trying to be a dictator. In Africa we have dictators, those who give order that the results of the election are announced at midnight when people are sleeping.

  10. The Consigliere

    The Consigliere9 timmar sedan

    Not even fit to be a street sweeper.

  11. Pringles Deezer

    Pringles Deezer9 timmar sedan

    The fact that you are still alive today is the evidence that Trump is not a dictator.


    ORDEPBAL9 timmar sedan

    I Love this guy!

  13. sc6

    sc611 timmar sedan

    FAkE NEWs

  14. Xavier-Ann Burry

    Xavier-Ann Burry12 timmar sedan

    Trevor , I laugh till I piss🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Барьти Ռոքանս

    Барьти Ռոքանս12 timmar sedan

    Let real Socialism take over United States of America Then first line Socialists will be exterminated Let us all enjoy... for One Ruble, one million US $. ... Let us Enjoy.....

  16. Geoffrey Leathers

    Geoffrey Leathers12 timmar sedan

    I am a South African white person. This is offensive for me. You dont turn on your people to make some money

  17. Akuro Akum

    Akuro Akum12 timmar sedan

    What the hell!! Why does this damn title have the word African in it. Dictatorship are everywhere. As an African, Trevor is a disgrace. Smh. Next time pick a better title. You're using some bad apples to describe all of Africa.

  18. Jeremy Pintsize

    Jeremy Pintsize12 timmar sedan

    You could quote mobutu "Notre pays était au bord d'un gouffre mais nous avons fait un grand pas en avant" Félix Houphouët-Boigny président de Côte d'Ivoire "Our country was on the brink of an abyss but we have taken a big step forward" president of Ivory Coast

  19. Fanny Tahir Ahmad

    Fanny Tahir Ahmad12 timmar sedan

    You now got your American dictator so don't call it African dictator again please. 😂 😂 😂

  20. Mitch Lamping

    Mitch Lamping14 timmar sedan

    I wonder what Trevor will talk about when Biden’s president weather he likes it or not trump is job security

  21. derrick a

    derrick a4 timmar sedan

    Um this show has been successfully running for well over 10 years

  22. Philip Moore

    Philip Moore8 timmar sedan


  23. T. Thaler

    T. Thaler16 timmar sedan

    Canned laughter? Really?

  24. Diweni

    Diweni16 timmar sedan

    Who knew Trevor was a prophet 👀

  25. B Ak

    B Ak18 timmar sedan

    Trump learn how to be a professional political liar from his buddy Indian Prime Minister, have a closer look how much similarities they have in brain washing people, bringing hatred among their own Citizens dividing people etc etc. The same campion liar from India came to US addressing thousands of his followers to vote for Trump. This is sad and heartbreaking to see whats happening in US and my prayers for majority of brave, loving caring and respectful US Citizens. The best Country with Gold heart is USA on the face of this Earth. God bless America may love and peace flourish among the people living in US

  26. Abdi Bede

    Abdi Bede18 timmar sedan

    Don't say Trump is African dictator, Dictator is there everywhere in the world, so he is American Dictator president that they have many More dictators.

  27. Ricky Torres

    Ricky Torres18 timmar sedan

    The wise crate finally sparkle because sycamore etiologically enter circa a tearful loss. real, organic language

  28. Victor Emeruwa

    Victor Emeruwa19 timmar sedan

    I have stopped listening to the gaffes of this so called comedian ...makes a fool of himself, if you want to be a campaign piece for Biden let him know

  29. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody19 timmar sedan

    The Democrats support violence when they are doing it , BLM burnt and loot innocent people properties which costed billions

  30. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody19 timmar sedan

    Trevor Noah you're just a propagandist

  31. Tinashe Madziva

    Tinashe Madziva19 timmar sedan

    Oh my gosh

  32. Dani Banani

    Dani Banani20 timmar sedan

    Almost came to this didn't it haha

  33. George

    George22 timmar sedan

    Woah don’t insult Gaddafi like that

  34. Category5Hurricane

    Category5Hurricane22 timmar sedan

    Funny that Trump calls African countries "shithole countries"...yet also shares the same identity politics with African warlords.


    ƏHLİ-BEYT SEVƏR23 timmar sedan

    I love iran ❤

  36. bobga tita

    bobga tita23 timmar sedan

    also try to propagate good African leaders in your comedy... Some Africans always send the bad side of Africa out there, yet say little about the good.

  37. kim grenke

    kim grenke23 timmar sedan

    The solid heat decisively ignore because vise subjectively command up a grumpy population. puzzling, aggressive methane

  38. Johan Fourie

    Johan Fourie23 timmar sedan

    Trevor Noah is making alot of noise for someone who isn't even an American.Come home Trevor and rather focus on your and my heads of state.

  39. Economic freedom fighters

    Economic freedom fighters7 timmar sedan

    Well said johan fourie if you have a chance feel free to check my videos from the days when my father fought for Rhodesia and south Africa keep well and God bless

  40. Thando M

    Thando M23 timmar sedan

    Trevor's really obsessed with Jacob Zuma

  41. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan NguyenDag sedan

    Our President Never Quits By Tuấn Minh Nguyễn&Elijah Olig Born as an American tot, A charming boy much blessed by God. Eager to find His glory torch, Donald J Trump with Midas touch. Bold, clever, and so warm-hearted, He was held tight by Father’s love. “You are my Son, my Trump, my Truth. Never give up, never let loose.” So hard he fought, his firms grew large, Years of triumphs, years of bad luck. All through the long rocky roads he picked, He won, he lost, but he never quit. Dearest Father, a sweet grandpa, Struggled to stay far well away From “Game of Thrones’’ in the DC, Still, felt tons of pain cutting free. One nation, one people, by God, Yet treated like hell in dark swamps. “How men live without compassion!” Trump of hope blew, billions rose. Twenty sixteen, Demons were struck In the least way so unthought of. They brought up thousands of dirt fires, Constantly thrown at Man of Sire. Four years in Palace, thick despair, He’s put things straight and stood up fair. Monsters have bowed, trolls have been drowned. Finally, His Trump's sounded loud. “Oh, My Lord, please let us seek forth To the land full of morning fog, No miseries, nor getting lost, One nation, one people in God.” Then once more His Trump blows for us, In the freezing, in the red thirst. And in every tweet, he now speaks: “TO OUR PEOPLE, I NEVER QUIT.” - To President Donald J Trump

  42. Truth Minister

    Truth MinisterDag sedan

    Wow I thought Trump was blocked on SEtoos?? Apparently not. I would then believe that only the truth is blocked.

  43. Kristoffer Most

    Kristoffer MostDag sedan

    Still sick he won

  44. Piere Du Plessis

    Piere Du PlessisDag sedan

    trev is a sellout. biden is as corrupt as the south african government. PROVE me wrong.

  45. LEO

    LEODag sedan


  46. Goodday Gabriel

    Goodday GabrielDag sedan

    Stop using that phrase as African dictators

  47. Pat War

    Pat WarDag sedan

  48. Adomako Isaac

    Adomako IsaacDag sedan

    The title of this video is very unfair to we the Africans. Why must you link his attitude to the African??? If Trump isn't good, change him. Africans didn't give him to you. You should let Africans be for once and show us some respect!!! 😡😡😡

  49. H A

    H ADag sedan

    Trump is so bad at playing Dictator, Mama Mugabe would've spanked him with a flip flop in one hand while drinking a nice cold Fanta in a glass bottle with the other: "your broda Robert never loses elections, why did God give me an orange idiot like you"

  50. Liz G

    Liz GDag sedan

    there are many many mexican drug cartel Lords that transport billions of tons of cocaine in under ground tunnels into california and then nationwide. you have zero idea to how these cartels are governed. they are in every city. it is so sad that i don't care about politics but trump has an understanding of what was happening though it took taking down El Chapo and closing down those tunnels. We know God is orchestrating these things and not politicians. thank you

  51. Bunda Anna

    Bunda AnnaDag sedan

    President America must be firm and strong, President Trump is right and right for America's Leader. America is the strongest country in the world, the figure of President Trump, President Trump's attitude in making decisions is America really, I like that .

  52. mohammed burhanuddin

    mohammed burhanuddinDag sedan

    What the very name Donald Trump means? His answer- I will never be old and I will every time show the Trump card. In the universes there is only one Donald Trump who knows the art of winking to girls and women in right direction. You see an umbrella protects beauty queens from sun burning, in a btter way I work for them as a big banyan tree giving shadows. Sometimes the matter of losing battle glorifies one, as I have given an opportunity to Mr. Joe Biden to take oath and work for the Americans. Let me amend myself to instill good values in me. Before my departure, I am keeping this message for all that this world and powers will never deprive you, if justice is dispensed fairly. What blunders and offenses I have committed for that please pardon me. Good bye. Make a safe world for you.

  53. Joe Lesher

    Joe LesherDag sedan

    You are no John Stewart! Your show SUCKS!

  54. pina colada

    pina coladaDag sedan

    lol, all these african leaders you were making fun of were/are the ones fighting the pillaging west. msm at its total beast. :)

  55. Linda Van Niekerk

    Linda Van NiekerkDag sedan

    Trevor, you are so funny! Thank heavens we can still laugh! Sala gahle!

  56. 2Loud 2talented

    2Loud 2talentedDag sedan

    Why is President Buhari of Nigeria name not mention? I waited to no avail. As good as Buhari.!!

  57. Basu Sey

    Basu SeyDag sedan

    Oh Trevor that was my ex president, The Gambia

  58. Ppr Prabhakar

    Ppr PrabhakarDag sedan

    First u know the difference between dictator and Capitolist

  59. Vanessa Van Downen

    Vanessa Van DownenDag sedan

    That Idi Amin bit really hits different lmaoooo

  60. Eth Biz

    Eth BizDag sedan

    If i am not wrong there is no African Leader who says quote " The only way we're going to lose this election is if the election is rigged"

  61. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojoDag sedan

    This looks so fun?

  62. Peace Israel

    Peace IsraelDag sedan

    What do you think about Africa?

  63. Bond 007

    Bond 007Dag sedan


  64. anele kay

    anele kayDag sedan

    Trevor you are missed. Come back

  65. Crus R

    Crus RDag sedan

    u talking rubbish, Trevor.

  66. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojoDag sedan

    Not funny 😒

  67. jean ramambason

    jean ramambasonDag sedan

    THE WORDS AFRICAN PRESIDENT are very disparaging for the Africans IN GENERAL.. A whatever is bad is african philosophy is a show of a disdain towards the african character. Donald Trump is a pure white male american. His supporters are of the same substances. Why acting agaimst his own people would transform him into an african ??? totally ridiculous assumptions....and absurd,

  68. Helen Inedu

    Helen IneduDag sedan

    OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Trevor will not kill me with Laughter

  69. Hannes Botha

    Hannes BothaDag sedan

    Ag trevor you are not even American shame

  70. Astrobrant2

    Astrobrant2Dag sedan

    This was one of those videos I clicked on with an "oh, why not?" attitude. WOW! Talk about being pleasantly surprised! I think this was one of the best videos I've seen in a long time. Despite the comedic context, this turned out to be scary accurate! Outstanding job, Trevor & company! Added to favorites. Hey, Trevor, how is it that you're the only person who actually looks _younger_ after four years of Trump?

  71. Georgia Woolley

    Georgia WoolleyDag sedan

    The abundant spade surely invent because vinyl architecturally perform to a bent lace. troubled, possessive shelf

  72. Paul Airola

    Paul AirolaDag sedan

    What is the news media going to do once Trump is gone? What is Noah going to bitch about? The $1400. crum check? Maybe poor people can use it to rent a U-haul and move to a state that's open for business?

  73. Abdulaziz Hassan

    Abdulaziz HassanDag sedan

    now USA have a dictator now what do you say to that. its real suck it USA.

  74. esteban collazo

    esteban collazoDag sedan

    The fantastic maid preferentially surround because crown intrahepatically drain concerning a knowledgeable tax. rustic, overconfident bucket

  75. jobs lee

    jobs leeDag sedan


  76. TOT TOT

    TOT TOTDag sedan

    The reason I support Pelosi is that her breasts fascinate me!

  77. jep jepper

    jep jepperDag sedan

  78. Santi Mig

    Santi MigDag sedan

    Still butt hurt that Trump became president 😂

  79. Melissa T

    Melissa TDag sedan

    Cover the Big Tech Censorship and the New World ORder you dumb F's, how much money and fame did they promise you to sell out your morality or did you have zero to begin with?? If they care about Violence the BLM and Antifa riots wouldve been shut down time and time again!

  80. Davina Tuzeyi Ngoma

    Davina Tuzeyi NgomaDag sedan

    Not funny 😒

  81. Davsaint

    DavsaintDag sedan

    Make third world countries great again!!!!!

  82. Temesgen Getahun

    Temesgen GetahunDag sedan

    I am an African guy. How the hell you proposed me a beast Trump to make him my president?

  83. peter mugo

    peter mugoDag sedan

    Choices have consequences , Uganda is issuing travel advisory to US.

  84. Thomas Nichol

    Thomas NicholDag sedan

    Really Trevor?

  85. Vikram C

    Vikram CDag sedan

    Trump did not do anything that will remotely make him look like a dictator. The dictator here is Pelosi who controls all the Democrats, does not allow decent, kicks out anyone who does not agree with her, and is working on a One party socialist plan for US. Hate news is the reason for Pelosi's dictatorship.

  86. Umo Ntekim

    Umo NtekimDag sedan

    Not funny at all

  87. Jon Tung

    Jon TungDag sedan

    Unfit cause he’s not a fake like all you politicians?

  88. prenti

    prentiDag sedan

    God, so many NPC's in the comments.

  89. misolou fout

    misolou foutDag sedan

    This video was so prescient, given the last 2 months. We've become the world's biggest banana republic.

  90. Khashane Motloutsi

    Khashane MotloutsiDag sedan

    Trevor in your eyes who is the best president that the USA and Africa combined have produced over the past 100 years given that you are comparing...? Please put down a name. I would love to hear your opinion. Your fans are also welcome to take a jab at this question.

  91. Theo Blignaut

    Theo BlignautDag sedan

    You should know seeing from Africa yourself You are not even funny.

  92. misolou fout

    misolou foutDag sedan

    The amount of brainwashed idiots here is very concerning. You really need to stop watching this propaganda and start thinking for yourselves.

  93. bam b

    bam bDag sedan

    This is a joke but is an offensive. If Trump is a dictator classify him as the first American dictator but not as an African dictator

  94. Gazza Singh

    Gazza SinghDag sedan

    I almost thought it was a new video. Damn! Trevor Noah saw this coming. I never thought a mob could take over the Capitol house. But he knew anything can happen with Trump in power.

  95. Rami G

    Rami GDag sedan

    The caption is %100 racist F U for being racist

  96. Dartagnan James

    Dartagnan JamesDag sedan

    My landlord is from Uganda and a huge trump supporter. I live in DC and we talked about the insurrection and he was like "Yeah man, people are angry." like. Ohh.

  97. daniel bowlin

    daniel bowlinDag sedan

    Trump was one of America's best Presidents!

  98. Oan R.

    Oan R.Dag sedan


  99. Jeanie Michelle

    Jeanie MichelleDag sedan

    You are a nut 🤪

  100. splintEight

    splintEightDag sedan

    This has sadly aged well

  101. Yuri Bezmenov

    Yuri BezmenovDag sedan

    The deniers here come under the heading "it's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled". Notice THEY uses Socialism and Communism interchangeably. If you're not a Communist when you start the path toward Socialism you will be soon thereafter. Some here say things like "we only want .___ and _____. Get a decent job that pays pretty well and buy what you need/want in life. Don't ask the collective to grant you your version of "hope and change".

  102. Dorian

    DorianDag sedan

    Ok, Yuri...

  103. Magda Bielecka

    Magda BieleckaDag sedan

    Trevor I LOVE YOU❤❤❤

  104. Barikiwa

    BarikiwaDag sedan

    Lols bingooo

  105. yılmaz altuntas

    yılmaz altuntasDag sedan

    Trump is stupid but you aren't? well, time will tell...

  106. satyam sinha

    satyam sinhaDag sedan

    Trever ' . you country need an intervention !! 😌 .



    ❤💞The Gospel of salvation of our souls:💜💕💜💖💞💜💕For what I received I passed on to you as of [first importance]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time,